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Why we love giving gifts and why you should too?

Why we love giving gifts and why you should too?

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At Dorology we love giving gifts, there’s no secret about it. We love it so much we’ll shout it from the rooftops all day long. We’ll jump up and down on a lounge, declaring our love for the art of gifting (you get the picture!).


Why do we love giving gifts?

Honestly, we love it because we want to make people feel loved. We want to make people feel special and we want to make people feel valued.


Giving a gift is a way to show someone, how much we love them and what they mean to us.


We believe it’s the ultimate act of giving. It’s a fundamental way for you to show and reciprocate love; the action alone reflects your behavior in your relationships and towards loved ones.


Love giving a gift to someone, for the sheer joy of giving a gift? Please don’t give a gift to someone with the view that you’ll expect something in return… you might be disappointed.


Why should someone else love giving gifts?

Gifts have a wonderful, unspoken language to say (in a physical form) what most people have difficulty saying in words. If you really do care about someone, you’d place a lot of thought into that gift. You’d go above and beyond on giving that gift a little bit more effort to make it really memorable.


What if you don’t like giving gifts but you’re with someone who does?

We have a gifting concierge team that can help you. If you’re struggling to find something from our online store, or you need that extra help, our team can take that responsibility and find you a gift that is truly special.


Dorology’s website has been custom built with categories that can help you look for a gift by selecting either ‘budget’ or ‘occasion’. We can take the entire process off your hands to help you, or simply give you some gifting advice. We’ll hand write your card, we’ll wrap your gift and we’ll present it all for you.


When is a good time to give someone a gift?

The best time to give anyone a gift, is when they least expect it.


It doesn’t have to necessarily be a particular occasion to remember your loved one (but please don’t forget special occasions like, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Birthday…when they do occur!!!). Giving gifts when they least expect it is what makes a gift more memorable.


Visit Dorology today for ideas on what to gift when you are rewarding a staff member, thanking a client or colleague, saying sorry (or I love you), or simply to thank someone for a good deed. is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we’ll deliver straight to your door.

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