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Memorable Gift for him & her | Dorology - the art of gifting

How to give a memorable gift for him or her?

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It was truly, unforgettable…


It was so memorable, unique…


It brought a tear to my eye….


However you describe it, a ‘memorable gift’ is always on everyone’s wish list (whether they know it or not).


Of all the ways receiving a gift can be described, what is it that really makes a gift memorable?


A ‘memorable gift’ or ‘unforgettable gift’ is something that hasn’t been thought of before; it’s innovative, relevant, thoughtful, and “is all about YOU”. In other words, it’s a gift that “totally nails your personality”. Add to it the elements of emotion, nostalgia and a touch of creativity and you have a winning gift combination, every single time.


What do YOU do, to make a gift, memorable?

We believe that “all memorable gifts come from the heart”. Add in a hand written card and a meaningful message for every gift, making it personal. Avoid a last minute text or pre-printed printed laser card. No one hand writes cards anymore, technology has diluted the traditional art of gift giving. It’s an art of ‘that personal touch’ that we’re reviving at Dorology.


We’re bringing back the traditional art form of gift giving that includes personal delivery, exquisite packaging and beautiful penmanship. Gone are the days of buying a gift and shoving it into a bag. We’re all time poor, but as a society we’ve become a little common place about the importance of gift giving. It’s almost become a dirty business, cheating on the entire process.


What truly makes a memorable gift is the entire experience of giving the gift, itself. 


How we give gifts, how we find gifts, and how we send gifts are EXACTLY how we treat all of our relationships. The art of gift giving is in fact, a direct reflection of how we treat and value an individual. This action alone shows importance to your loved one.


It shows HIM or HER they’re wanted, they’re special, they’re needed, and that’s what a memorable gift reflects. Everything we do is all about a personal touch, making it memorable for both the sender and the recipient.


What gifts should you steer away from?

Whilst there is no hard and fast gift giving rules, there are a few guidelines that can help you along the way:


  • Copy cat gifting (as we call it) is a really big no-no. It’s the quickest way to disappoint someone you love, someone you want to reward or to say thank you. Buying a gift (that everyone else buys) will not only steal your thunder, but it will swiftly place you into the pedestrian category of gift giving and won’t make the gift memorable in any form.


  • Steer away from being safe. Buying a gift voucher, your standard box of chocolates/wine – these are all very common items and a regular ‘go-to’ when you haven’t placed much thought into a gift. It shows, and whilst it’s always unsaid, recipients know you didn’t give it (or them) very much consideration. Be mindful that you don’t repeat gifts year after year, surprise your recipient.


  • Do take risks with gifts. This is easier said than done! We understand this at Dorology, that’s why our gift concierge is always ready to help you through this process.


If you’re looking to give a memorable gift, or wanting a meaningful message that’s individual for someone special, then browse through one of our Collections for HIM or for HER. We’re open for viewing 24/7 at

Dorology – The art of gifting


Sevasti & Nicole
Managing Directors and Co-Founders of Dorology
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