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How to give the perfect gift’?

How to find the ‘perfect’ gift’?

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It’s a daunting situation that we’ve all faced from time-to-time. The agony, time and enduring the search for finding that elusive ‘perfect gift’ for someone special. But how do we really define, what the perfect gift, is?


At Dorology we define the perfect gift as ‘something really unique and not expected’. It’s not your stock standard gift of wine, socks or a basic food hamper. When we give a gift to someone, we like to think of a gift that no one has thought of themselves, something that’s unique and memorable.


The perfect gift can also be described as something that someone really wants, but not something that they actually need. In most cases, they probably wouldn’t consider buying that gift for themselves either.


Why don’t people spoil themselves anymore?


We don’t tend to spoil ourselves anymore for various reasons, sometimes it’s an economic reason, a time factor or as simple as ‘life kicks in’ and we no longer make ourselves a priority. It’s a common fact that when a person asks another; “What kind of gift you’d like?” – We’re concerned with seeming too greedy. We tend to be a little stoic and downplay the person’s request. We do this by not offering up any type of gift suggestions, or worse still; find an excuse as to WHY we really don’t need to be given a gift at all.


So, what does the perfect gift, look like?


Let’s face it – no one has time to look for a gift anymore. Even with mobiles and Instagram to help us in the search, we still resort to the good ol’ gift voucher as our preferred option. What we don’t realise is, a gift voucher (in essence) is passing the buck, so we don’t have to select a gift for someone special.


Great gifts are personalised and individual, they’re creative, relevant and they don’t have to be very expensive either. Packaging adds to making the gift special, and the delivery of gift being given (to the person) adds to the overall gift giving/receiving experience.


When you receive a gift in the colours or theme that you like, it shows how much you know about the person. In fact, when you give a gift to someone, that gift becomes reflection of you. It’s something you should be proud and enthusiastic to give the other person.


When it comes to gifts, where do I start?


We start by looking at the person’s interests, their lifestyle and hobbies. Look at their personality; are they into a particular lifestyle, type of food, a specific culture or an avid lover of sport? For example, if you were looking to buy a gift for a new baby, why not consider giving a gift to the new Mum instead? Consider a gift that she could indulge or pamper herself with, something that reminds HER, she’s as important as the new born baby. That’s what Dorology would consider to be the ‘perfect gift’.


It’s important to remember gifts need to be packaged with care and an element of surprise. Our gift innovators believe the unveiling of the gift plays a part in the experience. Sometimes the anticipation of receiving a gift can be bigger than the gift itself. Look at Tiffany’s; everyone recognises the white ribbon tied over the teal colour boxes and what sparkling surprise may lie inside.


So, how do you want your gift recipient (or yourself) to feel when you open a gift? If you’re looking for gift ideas from brands that you won’t find in stores or need help in buying a gift for someone ‘who has it all then call our Gifting Concierge today.

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