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How to find a gift to someone who ‘‘has it all’’?

How to find a gift for someone who ‘has it all’?

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To find a gift that is suitable for someone that ‘has it all’ is like trying to solve a riddle, you can come up with a few ideas but none of it seems to make sense. What might seem to be a great gift choice for the individual, may in fact be nothing more than spending wasted money to make the gift appear ‘more valuable’. We’ve all be there…


At Dorology we’ve got the business of finding a gift for someone who ‘has it all’, down to an art form.


Let’s think for a minute about an art curator. You start with a variety of different pieces, you do a little bit of research and background checking and through a process of elimination you start to build a story for a new collection. We curate gifts the same way a piece of artwork is curated.  Every gift, is a piece of art that has to tell a story.


The gift could be a random choice or selection, but ultimately it all has to sit together in the form of a story. What that story is, and the message the recipient takes, is where the individual comes into play. Once we’ve found the gift we then work out how to make the gift special for that particular person.


We take a look at their basic personality traits, look at the hobbies, look at their interests and look at their lifestyle. Then we add our own special elements into that gift. These elements including things such as packaging, and how the gift is going to be delivered to the person.


If this is too challenging, and you really can’t find a gift for that person, try working in reverse. Consider looking at a gift that you would like and that you would consider giving to the individual, especially if they are a little cryptic or a very private person.


The perfect gift is something that’s always on a person’s wish list.


Often a great gift is something that isn’t necessarily needed, it’s sometimes not even practical and you’re not ‘just ticking a box’. Every single one of us, have that elusive beautiful, coveted and wanted gift list. That’s what you need to tap into to find that perfect gift for someone who ‘has it all’.


We believe if a gift is worth buying for someone, then it’s a sprint of excitement for us to get that gift into the person’s hand. Our gift collections all include something that’s hard to find, something that’s limited or something that’s unique.  The true value of any gift is always in the eye of the beholder. That’s the basic principle that our gift innovators all work from.


Be mindful that to find a gift for someone that ‘has it all’, you don’t spend money on extras to inflate the value of the gift. That’s money wasted. A gift on any level (especially for those who have it all) serves a purpose and the experience of the gift stands up on its own.


When you give a gift…


Giving a gift to someone is a way of showing that person how you feel about them. It validates your relationship, rewards the individual and shows a significant other how much you really do love them. The act or process of ‘giving’ is a reflection of you.


How you give a gift to someone always needs a personal touch, that’s part of the experience of giving. It shows the recipient you listened, you paid attention, and that you value them.


The next time you’re looking to add that personal touch or look for a gift for someone that ‘has it all’, call one of our gift innovators today. Or browse through one of our collections for him or for her, we’re open for viewing 24/7 (click here).

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