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What is the ‘Art of Gifting’?

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Did you know that ‘Dorology’ is the Greek term that means the ‘Art of Gifting’? At Dorology we do just that; we create ‘the art of gifting’ with every gift or collection we send out. Every recipient receives a personal hand gifted box, tailored with custom printed packaging, beautiful ribbons and a lavishly embellished gift card and gift tag.


Gift giving is not simply a task that needs to be ticked off. We ensure that every elegant package leaves an impression to the gift recipient. It is about evoking the right emotion to the gift recipient and ensuring your gift has touched the very essence of your relationship. Every relationship is important, whether it is a corporate client, your partner, a special occasion such as a birthday or a simple ‘I am thinking of you’. All of these are special feelings that can’t always be expressed with words. They say a picture expresses a thousand words, at Dorology we believe a gift does the same.


Giving a gift is giving your individual stamp to someone. Gift giving is not always about fulfilling a need, but rather evoking an emotion. This is what the ‘art of gifting’ is all about. It’s about how you make that special person in your life look, feel, think and do once they receive a gift. Here are some examples of ‘the art of gifting’:


  • You may have bought a gift for someone that you may like or have used before and want the gift recipient to experience the same item;
  • You may have bought a gift for someone that reminds them (or you) of a special place you may have visited or both dreamed of going to;
  • You might have bought a gift for someone because it sparks a wonderful memory you shared together;
  • You might have bought a gift for someone special that coincides with a common interest or an interest you would like to share with the gift recipient; or
  • You may have bought a gift for someone because you believe the gift recipient would love to have this item and you want them to enjoy something they may not have experienced before.


A gift is more than only saying ‘Happy Birthday’ or ‘Happy Anniversary’ and ‘ticking that box’. It’s about showing someone how much you value them and your relationship together.


For example you may purchase an international designer beach towel set for a friend (from their favourite destination) because you know they love travelling and want them to indulge in their next weekend away. Or you may purchase an ornate and luxurious scotch glass set for your spouse with a 1920s cocktail book because you believe they would thoroughly enjoy a glass of scotch whilst thinking of you. The art of gifting shares a place, a time, a memory, a person, an object and an emotion within any gift recipient.


Dorology’s philosophy of the ‘art of gifting’ starts with the package the gift is housed in, the combined elements of the ribbon and gift card, exquisite labeling and bespoke delivery service – all add up to make you, the sender, express yourself as the ultimate giver to the gift recipient.


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Dorology – The art of gifting

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